Lease Return Headquarters


Ron Lewis Automotive Group– Western Pennsylvania’s Lease Return Headquarters

As your lease approaches maturity, you have options!  Ron Lewis Automotive is here to make your lease-return process simple, easy and efficient – regardless of where you initially leased your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat or Alfa Romeo.

You don’t even have to wait until your lease is over.  If you have 8 or less payments remaining in your lease, let us show you how easy it is to get into a new vehicle at a similar – or lower– payment right now!

We accept ALL lease returns regardless of which FCA dealership you leased the vehicle from. Ron Lewis Automotive is a factory-certified Lease Return Headquarters serving customers across Western Pennsylvania and the Tri-State area.

During our lease return process, we will review your various lease-end options and answer any questions you may have.  Here are the most common scenarios we work with:

“Leasing is right for me – I’d like to lease another model like I’m in now.”

Frequently manufacturers will offer new lease customers a lease-maturity or new-lease incentive. During your appointment with us, we will present any current incentives regardless of where you leased your current vehicle.

“I’m ready for a change – I’d like to trade-in my leased vehicle.” 

Some customers find that during a lease, the vehicle no longer fits their lifestyle, finances, or family/professional needs.  In this case, customers desiring to trade their current vehicle in on a brand-new vehicle (same or different model) or who would like to switch to a pre-owned vehicle, are still in luck. The Ron Lewis Automotive Group has one of the area’s largest inventory networks backed with 5-star customer service.  No matter what vehicle you’re looking for, the team at Ron Lewis Automotive can find the perfect vehicle that fits your needs.

“I love it!  I would now like to purchase my leased vehicle!”

We offer many options to our customers when their lease agreements end. If you are looking to purchase your currently leased vehicle, we can make that happen. Guests seeking to purchase their leased vehicle can get incredible offers on their purchase, including extended warranty options and manufacturer service packages.

“I’d just like to end my lease and return my leased vehicle.”

If you decide you’d simply like to return your leased vehicle, no problem.  Our “express” lease return process is designed to make this lease return experience smooth and hassle-free. We will even arrange a complimentary ride home for you. (*within 25 miles of our dealership).


Don’t Forget!

When you arrive at Ron Lewis Automotive’s Lease Return Headquarters, please be sure to bring everything you received on the day you took delivery of your leased vehicle:

  1. All sets of keys, Owner’s Manual, remote controls etc…
  2. Lease Contract and Inspection Form
  3. Insurance information and Driver’s License

We’re Here for YOU! 

At Ron Lewis Automotive, we are willing and able to welcome you by walk in arrival or by private appointment.  We can work with you in person at our dealerships in Cranberry, Pleasant Hills,  and Waynesburg, at your home, or virtually over Zoom, or a combination of these.  Our team is masked and ready, and we sanitize our vehicles before and after use.

We look forward to serving you at the Ron Lewis Automotive Group Lease Return Headquarters!